Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Posted: September 17, 2010 by JoeyD in Columbus Blue Jackets, NHL, Pittsburgh Penguins
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On Thursday, the Allegheny County Sports and Exhibition Authority  voted unanimously for the demolition of the of the Civic (Mellon) Arena.  An unceremonious early birthday present for the Pens’ old barn for sure, Sept 19th will be the building’s 49th birthday.

The dismay from those within the Reuse the Igloo group stems from the vote taking mere seconds with absolutely no discussion whatsoever. Those who will not cease their fight to save The Igloo are already looking into their options to stave off the elimination of the arena.

I wont get into the ideas and visions of what the Reuse the Igloo group have in mind for the arena as you can see it on their site or the appearance of a rush by the city and authorities in the decision making.  What I will state my opinion on is the need to let her go.

Even though during my college days, I enjoyed my history classes and professors so much I had considered taking up a History minor, I feel there are more fruitful uses for the city of Pittsburgh if the demolition took place over historical preservation.   Even if it was simply a future site of a parking lot or garage, I find it a better option than keeping the arena standing.

In a week, the Penguins will host a preseason home game against the Blue Jackets that is going to be a promotion for youth and college students of the area with a joint effort from to create an “Ultimate Home Game”. The main effort of this is to keep our youth and college students in the area after their schooling. Promoting the future of Pittsburgh shouldn’t involve a relic from its storied past staring you right in the face just across the street.

This is a city that always seems to be looking for more money and usually more reasons to tax you among other ways to get that said money as Pittsburgh, or the state of “Pennsyltucky” for that matter, always needs more money. In that way, where is the money going to come from to keep the Civic Arena standing and operational for whatever ideas people may have for it? The arena site would be best suited for a fresh, new way to infuse money into the city.

When the NHL had its year long lockout a few years ago, it was determined that the loss of a regular season’s worth or Penguins games cost the city of Pittsburgh about 40 million dollars of economic impact, practically one million dollars per home game. Now that money is still around and in fact probably well increased with the new arena and the ever strong popularity of the Penguins franchise, but why not have something across the street to make money instead of spend it?

The road to the future is to be PAVED in the past, not stuck in the past.


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