Around The League in Four Staals

Posted: September 19, 2010 by forever&staalways in Carolina Hurricanes, New York Rangers, NHL, Pittsburgh Penguins
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Where would I be without the Staal boys? In all likelihood, pretending that Evander is Patrick’s half brother. There’s nothing better than a familial link in hockey; the Cooks, the Richards, the Sutters, the Hansons, and now the Staals. Today, I’m just going to re-cap what’s going on with everyone’s favorite Thunder Bay brothers.

This is the first full year as captain for Hurricanes center Eric. The triple-gold club member is aiming for another All-Star season, and to bring his team (11th in the East last year) back into the playoff picture. With a mix of youth and veterans, Staal is going to be the bridge that connects the team, and will aim to bring back the trophy they won four years ago.

Things are not looking so bright for Jordan. The Selke Trophy nominee will miss the first 5-6 weeks due to a tissue infection received after tendon surgery. (The tendon injury occurring during the playoffs against Montreal.) Staal was not able to skate at all this summer, and will miss the entirety of training camp as well as miss his first NHL games since he entered the league four years ago.

My favorite Staal (for obvious reasons) had me checking every major hockey source for any information on him throughout my summer. The Restricted Free Agent Marc finally let me breathe a sigh of relief when he signed a 5 year, $19.875 million dollar contract on the 15th. Now the Rangers have their top defenseman locked up for a good period of time, but have a balancing act to work with in regards to the cap.

The baby, Jared, also made a splash this summer, signing a three year entry-level deal with his big brother’s Carolina Hurricanes. If Jared makes the ‘Canes, it won’t be the first time he’s played on a team that his brother captained. In the 2006-07 season, Jared joined Marc’s Sudbury Wolves, where he easily adjusted to the OHL under his brother’s guidance. Hopefully the same will be said this year with the Hurricanes.


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