Captaincy Conundrum

Posted: September 20, 2010 by forever&staalways in New York Rangers, NHL
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Today, word out of Rangers camp is that Captain Chris Drury will be out for four weeks with a broken finger. While some are more concerned as to who will fill his spot on the roster, I’m more concerned as to who will be the team’s captain for the month while he’s out. Normally I wouldn’t be bothered as to who is named captain if the injury happened in the middle of the season. However, this is a new season and the tone has to be set early, and the league has to know who the Rangers are and what they’ll bring to the table. Picking the new temporary captain is like me searching for a mid-afternoon snack; you have a bunch of options, each with their own appeal. I’ve narrowed it down to seven choices, unique in their own way.

Most likely candidates:

✧Ryan Callahan. Callahan is like the peanut butter sandwich; always something you know will never disappoint you. You can mix it up a few ways, too, with crunchy or creamy peanut butter. Cally is a candidate for captain mainly because he already has a letter on his jersey, and because he plays like there’s no tomorrow. He is already the first member of the ‘core’ to be bestowed with any type of captaincy.

✧Valclav Prospal. Vinny is the bran muffin of the situation, and I’m not making him the bran just because he’s the veteran of the group. The muffin is a good choice because you know that it’s been good in the past. However, if you hit a burnt spot, you feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

✧Marc Staal. Number eighteen is like the ever-popular New York fall treat Mallomars. (For those unfamiliar with the munchies, they’re essentially small moon pies.) Just like Mallomars, Staal’s captaincy would be a limited time engagement; one that New Yorkers will sink their teeth into once the opportunity arises again. Staal captained the Sudbury Wolves before coming to the Rangers, and is the leader of the defensive corps. Some form of captaincy is in the future for Staal, so why not start now?

Other options:

✧Sean Avery. Would it surprise anyone that Sean Avery is like the chips and salsa? Though a favorite amongst many, it doesn’t go without risks. Will the salsa be too spicy? Will the chip break under the salsa’s chunky goodness? It could be a gamble, but it could be one that you can reap the benefits of if it works in your favor.

✧No Captain/Alternate captain rotation. Of course there’s always just water. Coach Tortorella might opt for a three-assistant captain rotation (in which the “most likely candidates” will in all likelihood, rotate.) It’s a very likely option, but I’d love to see a captain named for opening night.

Please Don’t Pick Them:

✧Henrik Lundqvist. It didn’t work for Vancouver & Roberto Louongo. Please, please, please don’t take the bread and butter and make him captain. You got Biron to take the weight of of Hank’s shoulders, so don’t put it back on with the captaincy.

✧ Marian Gaborik. While being the top scorer and captain usually go hand-in-hand, this shouldn’t be in Gaborik’s hands. While pita crisps and peach vinegar sound like a sexy option, it may not work out so well in the end.

In the world of John Tortorella, you never know what you’re going to get. Just savor the meal no matter what you end up with.


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