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I’m never a big fan of assimilating two sports that only have scraps of things in common. But now that the dust of this years World Series has settled (Congrats to the Giants) Cliff Lee’s situation looks eerily similar to that of Marian Hossa a few seasons before. Don’t believe me? The proof is in the pudding.

-They both started off on average teams.

Marian Hossa was drafted and played seven seasons for the Ottawa Senators.

Cliff Lee played for the Cleveland Indians for seven seasons after being drafted by the Montreal Expos.

(Wow, both played seven years for their teams and were drafted by Canadian franchises. This is weirder than I thought.)

-They were both involved in mid-season trades that brought them to a team that would ultimately lose the championship.

Marian Hossa was sent from the Atlanta Thrashers to the Pittsburgh Penguins in February of 2008. The Penguins would lose to the Detroit Red Wings that year.

Cliff Lee was traded in July from the Seattle Mariners to the Texas Rangers. Yesterday the San Francisco Giants won the World Series.

-Both players ended up on the team that had won the season previously and won diddly-squat.

That one was a bit verbose, but if you follow my train of thought, it makes sense. Marian Hossa lost to Detroit in 2008 as a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins. In the summer of 2008, he signed as a UFA with the Red Wings, whom Pittsburgh defeated the following June.

Cliff Lee was part of a trade that sent him from Cleveland to Philadelphia, who was the reigning World Series Champion. They lost to the New York Yankees in November of 2009.

Now the big question is, where is Cliff Lee going to go? Is he going to break free from the Marian Hossa parallel and stay with Texas? Or is he going to continue on the same path and sign for big money elsewhere? (And if he does go for the latter, will he win a championship there?) The questions are everywhere, and of course I don’t have the answers. If I did, I’d be making almost as much money as these guys.