Rome Is Home

Posted: June 7, 2011 by JoeyD in Boston Bruins, Injury, NHL, Vancouver Canucks
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As I am sure you have already seen and heard ad nauseum by now, five minutes into last night’s Game 3 Vancouver’s Aaron Rome laid a thunderous hit on Boston’s Nathan Horton at the Canuck blueline that required the use of a stretcher. As expected, social networking sites blew up with a litany of comments ranging from concern for Horton’s well-being to how long Rome should be suspended for.

Of all the opinions that I seen and heard last night, the one that bothered me the most was Pierre McGuire (surprise, surprise) going off the deep end about how ‘this is textbook Rule 48’ and ‘this is exactly the kind of hit the league wants to get rid of’. It honestly amazes me, no matter who it is, at the differing understanding of the words ‘lateral’ and ‘blindside’. Although Rule 48 states “Illegal Check to the Head”, remember 48.1 details the lateral and blindside nature where the head is the principle target.

Was the head hit with Rome’s shoulder? Absolutely. Was the head targeted? Highly arguable that it was the case. Lateral or blindside? Absolutely not. It is a little bit challenging to hit someone lateral or blindside when your in front of him. Every bad hit isn’t Rule 48, not every head hit is Rule 48.

However this isn’t the real reason for this entry. It’s about how many people get up in arms when there is a hit that involves an injury to a player of any varying degree, the response always turns to needing to get ‘these hits’ out of the game.  But, just exactly how do you get some of these hits out of the game? This wasn’t a careless hit from behind where a hit would obviously be in the numbers or the detailed crackdown of the lateral/blindside variety.

This hit was simply a player stepping up on another after a pass and that player was unsuspecting. Which was no fault of his own, I dont feel that he admired his pass at all. It was a head hit that was late and unnecessarily and was punished appropriately on the ice as well as in its supplemental discipline.

Injuries that occur from open ice hits and even some of those along the boards are going to happen from time to time. And usually, it occurs from a play you see go as planned 95% of the time. In last night’s instance, Rome can step up and make that hit and not be late and everything is fine. And i am sure 9 times out of 10 that play goes without what we seen last night. Last night as Rome said during his hearing this morning ‘was a hockey hit…gone bad’.

Now the supplemental discipline aspect is taken care of. Now we can focus on the important things, the remainder of the Finals and Horton’s well being.

  1. Dan MacNeal says:

    i thought it would be two games, but i can see four. agree with you that it was not really blindside, just ultra late and a hit to the head. injury definitely played a factor.

    hopefully we can just move on like you said and have a good rest of the series.

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