Random thoughts after the NHL Draft this past weekend.

– I believe I predicted only one of my 10 selections in our CSH Mock Draft, and that one was Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.

– I am not completely sold on Winnipeg selecting Mark Schleifele when Coutourier was still on the board. This could be a potential reach.

– The fall of Brandon Saad is going to make it an interesting development for his time with Chicago. Did he just have groin issues that messed up the 2nd half of his draft year or is there more to it?

– On a personal pride note, to see four Pittsburgh products drafted in the top 64 picks which matched how many were drafted from Russia in the first 64 makes me a proud Pittsburgher.

– Additionally, Congrats to JT Miller being the highest drafted Pittsburgh product ever at 15th eclipsing the 16th RJ Umberger was drafted at in 2001.

– One non surprise for me was Thomas Jurco being selected by the Red Wings, if there was someone out there in the draft that just screamed ‘Red Wing” this was it.

– And as for Ottawa being in position to take Jurco beforehand? Sufferin Sucotash!

-I can’t even begin to imagine what Scott Valentine is feeling right now, turned down a ELC with the Ducks to re-enter the draft to wind up not selected. OUCH!

-Never ceases to amaze me how rounds 2-7 are just as long to complete as the first round is. Makes me really want to consider if I ever truly want to go to a draft someday or not.

– Boston could very easily have had the steal of the draft getting Dougie Hamilton in the first round. It would have been grand for anyone to have at pick 9 but the Stanley Cup Champions add a serious prospect…again, thanks to Brian Burke…again.

– I think the Capitals getting Troy Brouwer is a good move though for a late first round pick, it seems to be a bit of an overpay to me.  I dont know if a 35 point player is enough to jump a 7th round pick into a player worth trading a first rounder for.

– Connor Murphy is a risk for Phoenix considering he has injury issues and he hasn’t even begun college yet.

– A much maligned GM as he may be, but Burke and the Leafs had a very solid first round trade and getting a good player in Tyler Biggs. A good, effective case of moving up here.

– Many expected the typical ‘winger for Sid and Malkin’ pick from the Penguins but no winger at 23 was going to help the Penguins for at least three years. Might as well develop a defenseman in Joe Morrow


  1. Dan MacNeal says:

    Reaaaaallly like the Biggs pick. I knew Burkie was going to get him somehow. May have been able to get him at #25 but he didn’t want to risk it, I’m sure.

  2. Dan MacNeal says:

    And, to add. Out of the top 13, we did get 10 players right (if we don’t take order into consideration). Way to nail the RNH pick! lol

  3. Cam says:

    The Blackhawks getting Saad with their 4th! pick of the draft is incredible. Kyle Woodlief thought he was one of the top 6 talents in the draft. Think they lucked out with McNeil lasting until 18 as well.

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