This is part two of my two part summer doldrums games package.  Part one (the worst games) can be found here.

5. Flyers 7, Kings 4 (12/30/10)
Part one of my three game SoCal adventure (part two is in the “worst games” post). Both sides can agree the officiating was awful on this night, but the scoring came in bunches. Both the Flyers’ Mike Richards and Kings’ Ryan Smyth had two goal nights, Richards also added two assists. Claude Giroux chipped in three assists. The Flyers powerplay actually worked for once, scoring two goals! It was fun being one of the few people in my section standing up and cheering seven times in one game, high fiving a guy a few seats down while the natives gave me dirty looks.

4. Flyers 5, Devils 2 (10/3/09)
The invasion of “The Rock” was successful. It was Jersey’s home opener and we ruined the party. Ray Emery, who’d shutout Carolina the night before, was great in net for the Flyers. The Flyers jumped out to a 4-0 lead sometime in the 3rd before New Jersey scored two goals, sandwiched around a 5th Flyers goal. They may have been chanting “hey…you suck” to the Flyers and our fans, but we surely didn’t suck on that night. Best part of the night may have been an upset Devils fan asking our group (who was being a bit raucous), “When’s the last time you guys won anything?” I blurted out, “About ten minutes ago, did you see the scoreboard?” He muttered and stuttered, “that’s not what I meant”, and we just laughed at him.

3. Flyers 8, Canadiens 4 (3/20/95)
The Flyers were an up and coming team in ’95, lead by Eric Lindros and the Legion of Doom. Montreal still had Patrick Roy, but the Habs had a down year in the lockout shortened season. Still, it was awesome to see the Flyers dominate Montreal, scoring eight goals on Roy. Lindros had a hattrick and an assist, LeClair had two goals and Renberg had three assists. Plus, it was Mark Recchi’s first game back in Philly since the big trade, and the whole game he had this sad “I wish I was still a Flyer” look on his face, as the teams were going in opposite directions.

2. Flyers 6, Capitals 3 Eastern Conference Quarterfinal Game 3 (4/15/08)
It was the Flyers’ first home playoff game after The Year We Don’t Speak Of. Even though the Flyers were the underdogs in the series (tied at 1 going into game 3), the crowd was pumped up. This game featured a rare playoff fight between two monsters, Scottie Upshall and Mike Green. (wait, what!?!?!) Anyway, Mike Richards scored on a penalty shot in the third period and the house went nuts. Danny Briere had two goals to start showcasing his Flyers playoff legacy for the hometown fans.

1. Flyers 5, Bruins 4 (OT) Eastern Conference Semifinal Game 4 (5/7/10)
Playoffs. Overtime. Drama. What more can you ask for? Heading into this game, the Flyers were down 0-3 in the series, so I got tickets dirt cheap, figured I’d either see a Flyers win or some handshakes. I never thought I would see part of history. After Ville Leino scored with about five minutes left, we kept looking at the clock, which never seemed to move. It looked all well and good until Mark Recchi (of all people) tied the game with under a minute to go. The crowd was stunned, dejected, upset, and whatever else you could think of. We were sitting on the side behind Tuukka Rask during overtime. When Simon Gagne, who was returning early from his injury, scored the winner, it seemed like it was in slow motion. I saw the puck cross the line and it seemed like minutes passed before the light went on and anyone started cheering. It obviously didn’t last that long, but the celebration after the goal was worth the whole drama throughout the game. And of course, the cherry on top when the Flyers won the next three to knock Boston out.


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