4 Possible Shea Weber Destinations (If He Were To Get Dealt)

Posted: August 5, 2011 by cujorulesdtown9 in Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, Nashville Predators, New Jersey Devils
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Shea Weber could be on the move this year (PHOTO: Getty Images)

Shea Weber, one of, if not the, best defenseman in hockey today. After being unable to come to a contract agreement before arbitration with Nashville (in which he hit the Jackpot at $7.5 million for a one year deal.) there are bound to be rumors that he will be dealt this year at the trade deadline, if not before.

Obviously, this could change, he wants to be on a cup contender, and Nashville could very well turn into that. But for the sake of writing, lets say they don’t and he decides to demand a trade. Here are 4 possible destinations I think he could end up before or at the trade deadline.

4.) The New Jersey Devils: Now I will admit, “cup favorite” isn’t exactly what I would say about New Jersey this year, however, there is no way the team can be as bad as last year. But if New Jersey were to swing a deal, im not sure if it would be for just a rental, or for a re-signing possibility. They have a lot of contracts expiring next year (4 RFA’s, 6 UFA’s including both goaltenders). They already have $5.8 million in available space, with a few pieces that can be moved in a deal, it’s a long shot, but I think New Jersey could pull it off.

3.)The Montreal Canadiens: They have about $5 million in available cap space, also draft picks and a few move-able assets  to free up the cash for Weber’s contract. With Weber, Montreal could very well be an extremely dangerous foe come playoff time. The biggest issue is re-signing him, Montreal has a couple big contracts to sign after this year (Price,Subban) that could very well cost them the chance to re-sign Weber, so odds are, he may just be a rental.

2.) The Boston Bruins: Sure enough, Boston will look to defend their Stanley Cup title, and they will probably look to solidify their defense (as if it isn’t already) ,like Kaberle last year, I think if  Weber is in the market, Boston could take a swing at him. With $7.6 million in available cap space, Weber could be that rental guy they need. But once again, they run into the issue of, they have a lot of contracts expiring. So I’m unsure if there would be money to re-sign him, or if he would just go back to the market next summer.

1.) The Detroit Red Wings: Oh trading with the division rival is a sin isn’t it? However, Detroit has the most to give up, they have $5.85 million in cap space, and a ton of valuable players, prospects, and picks they can give up to get Weber. With Nick Lidstrom’s possible retirement next year, Weber could be the man to fill his shoes, and with all the freed up cash in that case, he could easily re-sign there long term.

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