CSH 2011-2012 Predictions

Posted: September 10, 2011 by Crimespree Hockey in Playoffs, Season Preview, Stanley Cup
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Here are our picks for the division winners, conference finalists, Stanley Cup finalists and winner.

Most divisions had a healthy majority, except in the Pacific, where we were split between San Jose & Los Angeles. Vancouver was an almost unanimous selection in the Northwest. The competitive Central had four teams represented.

For the most part, we couldn’t come to a consensus. As a group, we like Boston and Washington in the Eastern Conference Final, but didn’t agree on anything other than that. We picked some combination of Detroit, Los Angeles, San Jose and Vancouver in the West. You may notice our “consensus” Stanley Cup champion isn’t the same as our Western Conference champion. That is because we chose not to leave a tie and Detroit won our tiebreaker. However, from the playoff picks it shows we all feel different about certain teams and this season is just that wide open for a winner.

Who’s your picks?

  1. Hurricane Helms says:

    What? No love for the Hurricanes?

    Stand back! There’s a Hurricane coming through!

  2. John Russo says:

    The Real Deal jinx is in effect. Suck it, Washington!

    And I’m shocked more people didn’t pick the Pens to win the Atlantic. I really don’t see how it isn’t their division.

  3. John Russo says:

    PIT/BUF/WAS and DET/VAN/LA are my picks btw. I can’t begin to tell you who will be in the ECF/WCF or finals

  4. Dan MacNeal says:

    Too many ?s with all of the Atlantic teams

  5. forever&staalways says:

    Completely disagree with the Philadelphia picks (as you can see by mine) the team may have gained Bray Schenn, but they lost two sixty point scorers and gained role players. The atlantic has a lot of questions, (Is Crosby going to come back? Will he be effective if he does? Are the Rangers as good as they look? What’s up with Philadelphia? Will NJ return to it’s former glory? What about those young Islanders?) We play in the hardest division and it’s really hard to figure out what’s going to happen.

  6. I like the Shings in the pacific…. or is it the Karks?

  7. forever&staalways says:

    That Sharkanuck representing the WCF looks pretty menacing, actually.

  8. Dan MacNeal says:

    I thought so too Gab. Weirdly the Brupital kind of looks normal too.

  9. goaliesgetmorebetches says:

    I realize my hatred for the franchise perhaps skews my thinking a hair, but people have pretty high expectations for a San Jose team that realistically got worse this offseason while it’s closest competition within the division improved significantly. In my mind, San Jose will finish second in the Pacific – possibly 3rd if inconsistent play and/or injury catches up with them. LA is equivalent or superior to SJ in every area – equivalent depth at forward (at the very least), LA’s defense is significantly better as is their goaltending duo.

    This is all in good fun I realize. No harm, no foul. Just pointing out what seems to me like a glaring mistake.

  10. FIVER says:

    I think the Kings, Panthers, and the Wild will give every team a run for their money. To me Washington got stronger in net, but until Semin is gone they won’t win. The Atlantic has far too many questions at who will win. Crosby is uncertain, will Malkin be the same and will losing Talbot, Godard make them wimpier? What can the Devils do better or will they repeat the start of last year and force another coach out.
    The Rangers look good on paper like every other year, Richards will come here and under perform, most players can’t handle the media here and they go into huge streaks. Wouldn’t be shocked if they bomb or blast out of the gates, Iam leaning towards bombing, Henrik can only carry the load for so many years before he snaps.
    The Islanders all considering should be fun to watch and I think they will press hard, and I also wouldn’t be shocked if they grabbed the final spot during the last week.
    Philadelphia is the unicorn of the division. They will either run away with it, or they will buckle like Spinks. They gave up a lot of partiers, I mean players as far as production goes and as always the goaltending will be what carries or implodes the team. Lavalamp is a good coach, but not the wisest. We shall see.
    Vancouver will be under tremendous stress to even repeat a division win let alone win a cup or get to the finals.
    To end this I really think Columbus is being so overlooked. Martinek is a great defensive Defenseman, Wiz is good blue liner as well, I think Carter and Nash together will be electric. Adding Prospal certainly helps. They have improved no doubt.

  11. Dan MacNeal says:

    I don’t know if we’re overlooking the CBJ (I know I’m not) but I think since we picked division winners they weren’t going to be up there. They’ll be better, a playoff contender for sure, but I don’t know about division contender. Not in that division.

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