Fantasy Hockey: Team Themes

Posted: October 1, 2011 by Realdeal in Fantasy Hockey, Hockey Fun
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Jarome Iginla, a good fantasy hockey draft pick in 2001 or 2011.

This is the time of year that we put our hockey guide studying (or lack thereof) to good use. Fantasy hockey drafts have kicked off and people are mulling over their rosters (until they fall to last place in November and give up).

Sometimes, people like to have fun with a draft, whether it be a less serious league, or a chance to make a funny team. Last year, I was in a league with a guy whose team was entirely made up of New Jersey Devils. That wasn’t his plan, but he started with Parise, Kovalchuk and Brodeur. Then it spiraled into the full Devils roster. Needless to say, it didn’t work out well, as the Devils struggled for most of the season.

Our friends at Flyers Goal Scored By started talking on twitter about a real-life Flyers lineup with Jaromir Jagr and Chris Pronger in it.  From that, I got a random idea about fantasy drafting a bunch of older guys, a team that would resemble the 2000 All Stars. I put it to use in a Yahoo mock draft, to see how such a team would look like.

Okay, so it’s not the deepest team and not very star heavy, but it’s actually not a bad roster. Plenty of guys who will be able to contribute to their NHL teams. It’s not a fantasy hockey championship caliber squad, but it’s a solid, competitive team.

(Funny story, in the sixth or seventh round, one of the other mock drafters caught on and asked if I was drafting a hockey retirement home. Another asked if I knew I couldn’t use stats from 20 years ago.)

Another theme could an an all-European team.  Such a team could consist of Ovechkin, Sedin (face it, you’re only getting one of them), Malkin, Kovalchuk, Lidstrom, Chara, Rinne, Lundqvist.  Someone I know wanted to build a team last season with players left from the Whalers, Nordiques, North Stars and old Jets. Such a team could have players like Selanne, Doan, Pronger, Modano (last season) Khabibulin and Giguere.  But I don’t think he was able to fill out an entire roster.  So if you’re going to do a roster like that, make sure there’s enough players.

Team themes in a draft can make a draft a little more lighthearted, especially in a league of friends.  When someone finally catches on, it might make for some interesting banter and may change some team’s draft strategies.  After all, the point is to win!

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