Bleeps and Bloops – It’s Been One Week

Posted: October 13, 2011 by JoeyD in Boston Bruins, Buffalo Sabres, Columbus Blue Jackets, Florida Panthers, Winnipeg Jets
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–Holy smokes was the Bruins Cup Lowering…er….Raising Ceremony epic in it’s length. Oh well If I got a problem with it, my team should win instead.

–I know that playing games in Europe has a rather mixed bag of opinions, but I really do like the Stockholm locale for these games. If the NHL must go to Europe, maybe they can ONLY go there.

–Despite my feelings that the league left Atlanta too soon, it was a nice sight to see in Winnipeg for their grand return. While the Jets are still the Trashers on the ice, the enjoyment should continue the whole season. Welcome back but dont say we didn’t warn you.

–Judging by the game on Tuesday against the Penguins, the Panthers season early on may resemble an extended training camp and too big of a hole may prove difficult to climb out of, but they sure play with total effort.

–Hello Nikita Filatov? Yes, hi how are you? I just wanted to let you know we delivered your toolbox to the AHL. Oh you’ll be there right away? Awesome have a great day!

–Only two games in but Buffalo is scoring heaps of goals early on, watch my skepticism for the Sabres be way off base this year.

–Even winning the first two games hasn’t staved off criticism for the Caps’ marquee players.  If they pay too much attention to media comments and let it unravel the team, Boudreau’s job may run risk of not making it thru the season.

–Tampa can score them and give them up so far, probably wont be a long term recipe for success. With Ohlund down for a month, the remaining D and Roloson are going to have to keep the ship afloat for October.

–I think Boston, the defending Cup Champions’ slow start is a bigger non-story than the Blue Jackets start.

–Speaking of the Jackets, proof how important special teams are. If there is that much difficulty gaining the opposition zone on the PP, then they have make sure they win that first faceoff for initial puck control and set plays to give themselves a chance.

–Letang’s early 6 points is a great start considering that last season his output somewhat correlated to Crosby being in the Penguins lineup.

–Al Montoya…is the late bloomer going to finally be in the big league’s to stay?

–One exciting week down in the NHL, many glorious weeks to go. Happy hockey everyone!


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