Reacting To 0-5-1

Posted: October 19, 2011 by cujorulesdtown9 in Columbus Blue Jackets, NHL, Offseason, Playoffs
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Small note before reading: I wrote this for fun, don’t take it too seriously.

Well here we are, 6 games into this season, and The Columbus Blue Jackets are 0-5-1, officially the worst team in The NHL, the only team to have not won a game thus far. From what I’ve seen online through twitter, facebook, and multiple hockey forums and websites, there seem to be a common 5 reactions to this start among fans:

1. Shock/Confusion:

“Speechless” “What is going on with this team!?” Seem to be the top comments in this area. It is hard to fathom this start, even without James Wisniewski. Surely all of our players would be scoring, and our defense would be good at…well..defense! It is quite a shock to see such a slow start, but when you look at the past three season, it shouldn’t be, in October over the past three years we went 7-3-1, 4-6-0, and 6-5-1.

2. Lets Riot: Yes, ala Vancouver after The Stanley Cup Finals last year, blow stuff up, break things, just all out anarchy in the streets of Ohio. Well with the weakened economy rioting is a bad idea, not to mention you could get arrested (unless you don’t care about that, go for it.) And in the current times, I’d worry more about the loose bears,lions, wolves, and monkeys roaming around doing all the damage for you.

3. Fire Everyone:

Scott Howson, Scott Arniel, Mike Preist, The Cannon Crew, Stinger, The IGS  Blimp, nobody has been spared in the rants of a few fans. Blow it all up and start again. Problem being, you can’t just blow the whole thing up this early, there is still plenty of games to play, while Arniel and Howson are feeling the heat of the rough start, there have been a few positive signs on the ice, and it all could start turning into W’s. It could be worse, remember that, it all could be much worse, we could have no plans to fix the team’s finances, we could have a owner who does not care, and then just like The Thrashers, it would be adios Blue Jackets.

4. It’s All Over:0-5-1, kiss the playoffs goodbye, a tough schedule ahead (Buffalo,Detroit,Anaheim included). This team will never get it together, the defense and goaltending will be the death of this team. Mason is allowing soft goals, Carter is injured, our offense is invisible. People saying these kind of things, please turn your attention to #5.

5. Give Up? NEVER!:

Credit: @frickindannie

It’s early in the season, there is plenty of time to get the team rolling, and like in the last game against Dallas, there are some positive offensive signs, despite the injury to Carter, this team still has all the necessary pieces to win offensively. Mason did allow one soft goal, but with every other game, you have to look at the defense, yeah that phrase is beaten like a dead horse, but our defense has really let him down over the past 6 games. And while the defense is still concerning, there is no reason to believe this losing can continue. Keep calm, everything will be alright in the end!

This writer himself goes for option #5, mixed with a little bit of #1. It is a bit shocking that we are off to this slow of a start, but it is still too early to completely freak out over it. I firmly believe that this team, with the right mindset, can win games. We lack confidence, and really, who wouldn’t right now? Need to  keep our heads up when going into games, keep the pressure on, and show other teams what we are truly capable of.


  1. John Russo says:

    I wish I could post Francis on here from HOH haha

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