Lindros Back in Orange and Black

Posted: October 26, 2011 by Dan M in Philadelphia Flyers, Winter Classic
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Today on 590 Radio in Toronto, Eric Lindros officially confirmed that he would play in the Winter Classic Alumni game. He also hinted at a Legion of Doom reunion with John LeClair and Mikael Renberg. The trio only spent three years together, but terrorized the NHL for 305 goals and 666 points.

To remind everyone how dominant the Legion of Doom was, here’s a video from the ’95-96 season.
I apologize for the quality, it was recorded off an old VHS tape.

As for favorite Lindros/Legion of Doom moments? Flyers fans had their say:

Rachel (@Rmiriam) wrote on her tumblr that she shouted with joy when she learned the Flyers had acquired Lindros and that was just the beginning of some great memories of the trio on the ice.  Geoff (@Geoffmang) said he enjoyed the times when Lindros would run over a player right off a faceoff.

Jason (@Cubishboy) said that while one Legion moment doesn’t stick out, many great ones are remembered.  John (@Roose_TTB) couldn’t pick just one memory either, but remembers how “incredibly overwhelming they were when out on the ice”. He added, “never have I seen a trio of athletes, let alone hockey, have the size, speed and power to not only out-muscle opponents but light the lamp like any of the razzle-dazzle lines you see today.”

Comcast SportsNet recently replayed Game 3 from the 1997 Eastern Conference Finals, where Lindros scored a hattrick, including an empty netter where he “propelled” himself past Rangers captain Mark Messier.

The excitement level isn’t limited to fans who grew up with #88.  Alicia (@Activestick_44) didn’t start watching the Flyers until after Lindros was gone, but says “the announcement  is so surreal to me.  Seeing Lindros in the orange and black was something I never thought I’d be able to do. It is beyond exciting to know that that will now happen. Sure, it’s not the same thing as seeing Lindros in the 90’s, but to me this is a dream come true.”

As Lindros was my favorite player growing up, I have plenty of great memories from his days as a Flyer.  Even though I saw Lindros’ first hattrick (a 7-2 win over Ottawa in 1992), my favorite moment/game was seeing the Legion of Doom score 9 points (5 goals, 4 assists) in an 8-4 win over Montreal in 1995. Lindros had a hattrick in that game as well.  He was the most hyped player in the early ’90s and rejuvenated the Flyers franchise.

In the next few weeks, Gabbi and I will have some fun and “build” our teams’ respective rosters for the Alumni game.


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