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Every year I make a bunch of hockey related goals and hope to accomplish them all.  Here are a few for this season.

Continue my countdown to see every team.  It may seem like bragging (not my intention) but I have seen a majority of the league’s teams. I still have 9 left (including Winnipeg as a seperate team than Atlanta).  I already have tickets to see the (new) Winnipeg Jets and Minnesota, so that will help pare down the list.  Unfortunately Calgary and Dallas do not come to Philadelphia, so those will have to wait or be seen in another city.

Along with seeing every team, eventually I’d like to see every single NHL arena. So far I’m at four (Ana, LA, NJ, Phi). Of course I won’t knock off the other 26 this season, but I’d like to cross a couple off of the list and keep working towards the bigger goal.  A couple months ago, I wrote about the top 5 arenas that I wanted to visit, but I want to see them all. Even Long Island.

Make a friend in every NHL city. (more…)

This doesn’t include arenas I’ve already been to (Anaheim, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Philadelphia)

1. Bell Centre (Montreal)
The biggest active arena in the NHL is consistently ranked near the top in polls for best arena in the league.  The crowd is always amped whether it’s preseason or game 7 of the Stanley Cup.  The storied history with all the Cup banners and retired numbers (not to mention the ghosts that may or may not have made the trip across the street) just oozes hockey mecca.  And I’d like to yell “Le Boo” and confuse French speaking people.

2. HP Pavilion (San Jose)
Okay, so the Shark head is kind of cheesy.  But it’s in that “so cheesy it almost makes it cool” category.  The fans are pretty good too, leading the pack in the “Sun Belt expansion” (even though they really aren’t warm weather).  It’s one of the hardest arenas to play in, according to THN.  Sharks fan @Ntrlhattrick says the arena has a pretty nice atmosphere and is located near plenty of local watering holes.

3.  (more…)