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We’re all in the run of the mill regular fantasy hockey leagues where guys like Henrik Sedin and Henrik Lundqvist get big points.  But what about the other side of an NHL roster?  Where else can Zenon Konopka go #1 in a league but in a “goon” league?

This season six friends and I started a Goon League on Yahoo, where you get five points per PIM and one point per hit.  (Yes, I know hits don’t necessarily make a guy a goon but we needed another category.)  Unfortunately, there is no way on Yahoo (or ESPN) to give additional points for suspensions (I could have used some extra points from Kris Letang’s this week).  To be honest, I’m in three head to head leagues and the one I care most about is my goon points league.  It’s something different from the same old regular fantasy leagues.

As most people aren’t familiar with this type of league, here’s a couple tips for goon leagues: