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After the Red Wings forced a game 7 last night against the San Jose Sharks, I asked myself a question. Who am I rooting for tomorrow night?

Do I root for Datsyuk and the Wings....

On one hand, the Red Wings are attempting to do something that the Flyers did last year; win a series after being down 0-3. I rooted against Chicago in the first round when they attempted the same thing. As selfish as it may seem, I feel like the Flyers’ accomplishment may be somewhat lessened if a team were to do it the very next year. Also, am I fully over 1997? I’ve come to the realization by now that Detroit smoked the Flyers in the Cup Finals because they were the better team. Tough to admit that, but they were. But that doesn’t make the pain go away.

Even though I respect the hell out of the Wings, they are contenders every single year. It’s not really their fault, they want to win and they build teams that win. Someone’s just got to beat them. But it’s kind of like the Yankees in baseball, you get tired of seeing the same teams win, or go deep into the playoffs each year. Detroit’s won more Cups in the past 15 years than some organizations have won in their entire history. Enough is eventually enough.

....or Pavelski and the Sharks?

On the other hand, San Jose is my personal nemesis. And it’s because I have some awesome Sharks fan friends. My personal rivalry with them goes back to the 08-09 year when San Jose swept a home and home with the Flyers. And I still haven’t heard the end of it, to this day. Aaaaaand there’s a photoshop of me with a Sharks jersey on floating somewhere around the internet. (I repeat, if you see this picture it is a PHOTOSHOP!!) The first time I saw a Flyers regulation/overtime loss in person, guess who they lost to? The Sharks, naturally.

Do I hate the Sharks? Nah. I know some people think I do, but I really don’t. Apologies to Sharks fans, but it’s kind of fun to watch them find new ways to blow series every year. And there’s video of the Sharks fan freaking out on his webcam prompting his dad to walk in and tell him he’s giving the internet “a 2×4 to beat you with.” Hilarious stuff. Although I did feel bad in 2008 when I stayed up late to watch the four overtime game while chatting with a bunch of Sharks fans.

I like players on both teams. I think Joe Pavelski is one of the underrated guys in the league, and he’s clutch. He’s among the leaders in playoff goals for this year, and scored some big ones. He’s almost like an anti-Shark. (And he’s an American, which is cool, too.) Pavel Datsyuk is one of the best all-around players in the game. He’s amazing to watch. On any given night, he can do something really special.

With all of that said, gun to my head, I’ll root for the Sharks. But all I’m hoping for tomorrow night is a good hockey game. Whoever wins deserves it; it’s been a hell of a series this far. I am just glad the drama was extended for one more night.