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Here are some thoughts on some of the potential rule changes being looked at in the NHL Research And Development Camp:

NHL Research And Development Camp (Photo:THN)

 Hybrid Icing: Safety is the main issue that gets addressed here (Remember Kurtis Foster’s injury?), without taking away from the game. Easily something I think that should be implemented in the game.  Although some would argue about the officiating on certain calls, which is the only real argument against it.

No Icing While Shorthanded: If the NHL can find a way to boost scoring, they’ll test it out (Remember the idea of round nets?) Now, I understand the want to score more often, but I don’t really like this idea. You should be able to ice the puck while shorthanded, make the other team actually have to work on the powerplay. The other guy has two or five minutes in the box, that should eb enough of a penalty on his team.

Overtime Changes ( 4 minutes 4 on 4, then 3 minutes of 3 on 3): If this gets rid of the shootout (unless the shootout goes to 5 shooters), im all for it. However, I really do not like the idea of 3 on 3 hockey, it should be 4 on 4 minimum.  Would be interesting to do on a test run basis in the NHL.

No Line Change For Team That Is Offsides: Honestly, I like this idea, if a line can’t come into the zone onsides, they shouldn’t be able to change. Honestly, unless the players on the line have been on the ice a while, but, going offsides is their own fault, is it not? But,like the next rule, it could have an impact on the game negatively.

Faceoff In Own Zone After Offsides Is Called: Now this, I do not like, at all. This would encourage dump and chase hockey, which, just isn’t that good  to watch from a fan standpoint. I don’t see this rule making it very far at all, it will not see the light of day in the NHL.

Eliminate The Trapezoid: Yes, yes, and yes. Getting rid of the trapezoid behind the net has my approval. Goalies should be aloud to play the puck, there is no good reason this rule was ever implemented. Goalies doing a bit more work, I don’t see any defensemen who would have to chase the puck otherwise, that would argue against that. Let the goalies be free from the evil trapezoid!

Goal Line Camera: A brilliant idea I can’t believe they didn’t think of sooner! So many close calls, some right , some wrong . Now, if we can work on defining “kicking motions”, that would be another huge step forward. I would really like to see this implemented in the NHL. But I feel it might not be 100% fool proof depending on the camera’s position if say, the goalie was on top of the puck.

For the last couple years, two men dressed in green spandex have been irritating penalized opposing players in Vancouver’s Rogers Arena.  Their act has ranged from being a creepy annoyance to doing handstands on their seats.  The guys known as Sully and Force have become the most well-known fans in “super fan suits”, made famous on the show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Vancouver's Green Men and the Kings' Jack Johnson

On Hockey Night in Canada last night, Glenn Healy went off on these two guys, calling them “a circus sideshow.”  He said they are a “pain in the neck to almost every team that plays here [Rogers Arena].”  Isn’t the point of home ice (or field or court) advantage to make it uncomfortable for opposing players?  Healy also said it was not appropriate to “make faces at the players.”  Really? I guess none of the other 18,000 or so fans ever make faces. No, never!

Now, after reported Nashville complaints (which were denied by the team), the Green Men were told through the NHL that they have been told “not to touch the glass anymore”.  I don’t know how “touching the glass” is a violation, let alone how it is going to change anything.  They are still going to do their act.  In that case, should nobody be allowed to touch the glass then?  Does the guy banging on the glass when players are near get in trouble from the league too?

All in all, these guys are having some fun.  They pay good money to sit there and aren’t doing anything distasteful, harmful or endangering.  They aren’t disrupting the game or altering its’ play.  Their antics aren’t during play, blocking other fans’ view of the game; in fact, they seem to help the crowd get pumped up for the Canucks’ forthcoming powerplay.

So, does anyone agree with Glenn Healy?